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6 entries.
Hannah Frost from Menlo Park wrote on September 18, 2017:
I want to share a memory of Sheri, one that involves warm, delicious drinks. A few years ago, Sheri helped her kids to organize a fundraising effort at the Peninsula School Craft Fair: selling hot cocoa to raise money for relief of those affected by the serious typhoon that had hit the Philippines. You could purchase a cup for yourself to drink right then and there. You could also purchase a glass bottle full of the mix to make at home, which I promptly did after enjoying a cup on that cold wintry day. I especially liked the packaging: the jar had these words printed on one side: "What are you grateful for?"

The jar still sits on my shelf. I never could bring myself to open it and use the cocoa, probably because I liked looking at it just the way it was or I was saving it for a special occasion. It was no ordinary cocoa.

A couple of weeks ago, after Sheri's passing, when I came across the jar looking for something else in the cupboard, I stopped in my tracks as memories of Sheri came flooding back. I sat with the bottle for a few minutes and realized that it embodied so many qualities that reflect the kind of person Sheri was. Warm, sweet, comforting. Fair trade and organic. Generous of spirit and heart, always willing to share something with those around her, for those less fortunate than her. Engaging in fun, creative, purposeful activities with her children and their friends. Stimulating those around her, reminding us all in a gentle way to be mindful of the positive things in our lives, and that the very act of being grateful makes you feel happy and makes you want to be generous to others in turn.

The jar is literally full of warm, sweet potential. Just like Sheri lived and loved. I will always be grateful for knowing Sheri!
Toni Ouradnik from East Palo Alto, CA wrote on September 17, 2017:
I was lucky enough to know Sheri as Willow's teacher, as a fellow Peninsula mom, and as a friend, and she energized and inspired me through all our different roles together. She would never give up until she had an answer or a solution, and went through challenges large and small with positivity that shone like a light for those around her. Her intense love and care extended to her family and to our community and we are all better for having had her in our lives.
Mary Lis Uruena from Palo Alto wrote on September 14, 2017:
Thank you Steve, Audrey, Tula and Willow for giving those who loved Sheri so much the opportunity to share our thoughts and feelings in this space.

I was somewhat new to Sheri's life. The day we met, I knew that I had encountered someone very similar to me in so many ways: varied and numerous common interests, a similar outlook on life, lots to talk about..... Of course, her illness and our common desire for her to get well were dominant in our relationship over the last year. She came home often, and I relished every moment I spent with her. She always brought something with her: golden milk, lentil soup, some story, some new idea or food...I also visited her, and we used to seat in the garden that she created with so much love and we talked for hours about books, our children, our dogs, buildings, energy efficiency, medicine, common friends. We had a way to sustain winding conversations that brought us to so many different places. I had such a wonderful time with her and I loved her deeply.

Sheri was an extraordinary woman. She was highly intelligent, capable, resourceful, loyal, professional, thoughtful, caring, the best mom, and incredibly responsible towards those who were in her life. She waited for her girls to come back from school with some wonderful snacks ready, she cared for them and for everyone in her life with generosity and joyfulness. She gave her best to whatever she did and she dug deep into her fields of interest. I remember talking to a Doctor who told me that she had already done everything he could suggest.

Sheri wanted to live, and she fought with every single treatment one could find to survive her illness. I never thought she would leave us so soon. I really thought she would live. For that reason, it has been really hard for me to accept her departure. To console myself I like to think that Sheri now is in a place that we cannot understand where she is free from pain and worry. All I can do now is to be there for her family, for her girls, whom she adored.. And that is my promise to you Sheri, my darling beautiful friend.
Maren Stever from Menlo Park wrote on September 11, 2017:

I loved watching Sheri be so present with Steve, her three amazing daughters, and with all of the many, many children coming through your welcoming doors. I loved how she filled her home with abundant art supplies, thoughtfully chosen activities and musical instruments, and every imaginable kind of outdoor toy and sporting good! She created such a rich environment for young minds. In particular, I have warm memories of working together on girl scout projects -- baking vanilla cupcakes for our Madagascar booth for โ€˜Thinking Day,โ€™ and hosting our โ€˜Playing the Pastโ€™ party in your living room. Her joy, energy, and engagement as a parent deeply inspired me and will continue to do so always. I feel so grateful to be part of the tapestry of her story and all of her family's.
Matt Adams from California wrote on September 6, 2017:

I was honored to know Sheri and have her as a member of our dance community when I first opened Dance Sweat Smile back in the fall on 2014. She will be in my heart forever.

Audrey Basta from Menlo Park wrote on August 17, 2017:

Honestly, I donโ€™t know where to start, Sheri Basta was an amazing mother, wife and a really great friend. She dedicated her life to serving and nurturing her children (including me), to creating a loving family, and to serving our school community. She created deep friendships with so many people, such as the blossoming sisterhood of Peninsula School moms. She would always go the extra mile for our community! She was one of the most amazing people that I have ever met and probably will ever meet, and will always be my inspiration.

My mother fought cancer for 6 years. Through that tough time, my mom learned everything she could to make her and her family healthier and happier. Instead of giving up she thrived during her treatments. She focused on life, and even to the end wanted to find a way to be with us longer and to help us grow.

I wish she could have watched me grow up, but I know she is still with me and always will be. One of the most important things I learned from my mom is that you should go with your gut, do what you are passionate about, and donโ€™t let anything stand in your way!